Which Cryptocurrency Is Best?

Do you know how many cryptocurrencies actually exist?

Sure, you’ve heard of bitcoin. Maybe you’ve heard of ethereum and possible litecoin, but what about Ripple, Dash and IOTA?

The reality is the number of cryptocurrencies is expanding almost as fast as the Fed balance sheet in a recession.

The top 20 largest cryptocurrencies are:

Cryptocurrency Symbol
Bitcoin BTC
Ethereum ETH
Bitcoin Cash BCH
Ripple XRP
Litecoin LTC
Monero XMR
Ethereum Classic ETC
BitConnect BCC
Lisk LSK
Stratis STRAT
Tether USDT

Although bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency with a market cap that is in the tens of billions of U.S. dollars, Ethereum has rapidly caught up as a toe-to-toe contender for the crown of best cryptocurrency.

There is good reason for the massive gains seen in ethereum. Ethereum co-Founder Vitalik Buterin describes the cryptocurrency as a decentralized mining network and software development platform rolled into one.

Basically, ethereum facilitates the creation of new cryptocurrencies as well as other programs that share a single blockchain.

Buterin argued as early as 2013 that bitcoin needed a scripting language which could be used to develop applications. He failed to get others on board and so he built a new platform with a more general scripting language, Ethereum.

Ethereum has gone on to be so successful that an Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has formed.

The idea behind the collaborative alliance is to connect Fortune 500 companies, startups, academics and technology vendors so they can learn from each other and build upon the only smart contract supporting blockchain in the real world, which is Ethereum.

The goal is to define enterprise grade software capable of handling complex applications at rapid speed.

Buterin has said that Ethereum will match Visa in scale in a few years. He cites examples that Uber can support 12 rides per second, bitcoin process just under 3 transactions per second while Ethereum is already processing 5 per second.

He describes Ethereum as a secure base layer on which other applications can be built.

So what companies form the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance? It’s not just Mom and Pop shops but rather a who’s who of enterprise goliaths?

  • British Petroleum
  • Microsoft
  • ING
  • Credit Suisse
  • CME Group
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Santander
  • BNY Mellon

And a long list of other companies you know well. So, when you hear J.P. Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, say bitcoin will end up as a burst bubble, well he might be right but Ethereum may be the fast follower in the footsteps of bitcoin that bursts out and makes a big splash for the long term as the foundation on which transactions are conducted.
So far, you cannot purchase cryptocurrencies at traditional brokers like TD Ameritrade, thinkorswim or tastyworks. However, you can purchase cryptocurrencies at Coinbase.com and another startup in Europe called Luno raised a bunch of money to allow you to easily buy, store and learn about bitcoin, and the likelihood is other cryptocurrencies will be added over time.

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Tickets Cloud announces crypto.tickets ICO

Tickets Cloud, an online ticketing platform, announces the ICO of its blockchain-based project crypto.tickets. The ICO will commence on October 5, 2017, and end in 4 weeks. A finite number of TKT tokens will be issued, based on smart contracts. Ticket Cloud intends to raise up to US$23 million.

Early investors will receive 20% extra tokens for the first two days of the ICO, 10% extra on the third and fourth day, and +5% for the next three days. After that, the tokens will be sold at no premium. TKTs will be sold for Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Website — crypto.tickets

In addition, the company is planning a preliminary private offering for the crypto-community pioneers and members of the ticketing industry who will be offered a whopping 30% premium. The number of privately available tokens will be limited to the equivalent of US$2 mln, with US$50,000 minimum purchase.

The funds raised during the ICO will be invested in creating a blockchain-based ecosystem of crypto.tickets. Blockchain will enable the ticketing industry to tackle its most severe current problems. In this case, blockchain will allow crypto.tickets to become a universal decentralized ticketing platform open to all market players, both in Russia and globally. Crypto.tickets is not intended to compete with other ticketing platforms but will instead let any ticketing system and its customers benefit from the advantages of the blockchain.

Crypto.tickets will offer ticket distributors access to all tickets in both primary and secondary markets. Smart contracts will ensure safety and transparency, while the integration with Tickets Cloud will allow interacting with any number of organizers and secondary market brokers within the framework of one contract, and one API.

The ecosystem of crypto.tickets simplifies and automates interactions between various participants of the ticketing market. The use of blockchain will mitigate such persistent issues as fraud, fake tickets, uncontrollable resale, meeting sales quotas on ticket allotments, etc. All sales, refunds, exchanges, and other transactions will be completed using blockchain; and all exchanges and obligations between all involved parties will be based on smart contracts. With crypto.tickets, all event organizers will be able to issue crypto tickets that can’t be duplicated or counterfeited and communicate with their customers more efficiently.

Cryptoticketing will enable original ticket issuers to extract more profit from resale transactions, or disable any further resale entirely, or limit sales to one ticket per person. These new capabilities make ticketing more flexible, at the same time offering the original issuer full control. Organizers will also be able to issue their own tokens and offer them as loyalty points, branded currencies, or shares in crowdfunding for their own projects.

Crypto.tickets will offer ticket distributors access to all tickets in both primary and secondary markets. Smart contracts will ensure safety and transparency, while the integration with Tickets Cloud will allow interacting with any number of organizers and secondary market brokers within the framework of one contract, and one API.

The new blockchain ticketing platform crypto.tickets will include three products: Tickets Chain, already up and running Tickets Cloud, and Tickets Wallet.

Tickets Chain — is a blockchain solution, which regulates interaction between all players at the market. Each event established in the system is a smart-contract, which is responsible for processing the payments, issuing and returning of crypto-tickets, for their transfer and resale at the secondary market — at the decentralized ticket exchange which works directly on the blockchain.

Second product, Tickets Cloud, is a successfully functioning platform that enables global ticket open distribution. Moving the current users of Tickets Cloud to Tickets Chain, a decentralized blockchain system, will allow them to develop and scale their business efficiently. All transactions within the system will be conducted in TKT, the system’s internal currency.

Currently, Tickets Cloud shows US$2 mln monthly turnover, a 500% growth from 2015 to 2016. Within the first three years of development, the project has raised US$1.6 mln. As of now, over 800,000 tickets have been sold within 950 contracts with organizer. In 2017, Tickets Cloud has become the first company whose ticketing platform is employed by the global internet retail giant AliExpress.

The third product Tickets Wallet is an online wallet (Web & Mobile Apps), which is used for a decentralized storage of crypto-tickets and internal tokens of the system: Tickets Chain of coins (TKT). A working prototype can very soon be downloaded from GooglePlay and Appstore.

Tickets Wallet will also be used as a new channel of communication with the audience. Both organisers and the artists will be able to provide additional content to the viewer from the moment the ticket is purchased. It can be all sorts of exclusive materials about the backstage, show preparation, photos and videos from the concert as well as the latest news.

The main advantage of crypto.tickets is their already functioning platform: investors are offered shares in a working business to help it bring the underlying technology forward by implementing blockchain. The monthly turnover of Tickets Cloud has already exceeded US$2 mln, and the transition to crypto.tickets is expected to increase that number substantially. In turn, it will stimulate the demand for the tokens as every ticket sold for fiat money via Ticket Cloud and other Tickets Chain-connected systems will be structured as first a buy call for an equivalent number of TKTs on the exchange, then a sale of the ticket for tokens. This will boost the real, not speculative liquidity of the tokens. At the moment, Tickets Cloud is in talks with a number of online exchanges.

Over the past few years, the team has proven its worth in the dynamic ticketing market. This year, Tickets Cloud organized one of the more notable industry conventions, Moscow Ticketing Forum. The company currently employs 35 people, including over ten developers, all with vast experience in the industry.

Crypto.tickets on BitcointalkFacebook and Twitter

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.

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primeros pasos – Ethereum

Buenos días.
La minería depende mucho del coste eléctrico, así que lo primero para darte una opinión razonada sería saber el coste eléctrico (kWh).
Para minar Eth la mejor opción son las AMD Serie RX no obstante como siempre es importante saber el precio de compra de estas tarjetas, las NVIDIA son muy buenas para gran cantidad de algoritmos pero precisamente para Eth y todas las que usen algoritmo Ethash mejor las AMD.

mi costo eléctrico es de 0.11 U$S, el problema es que AMD es complicado conseguirlas, y hoy tengo la posibilidad e comprar Nvidia, según los cálculos que hice en Whattomine, puedo conseguir un hash rate similar con 6 Nvida 1070 y con 6 RX 580,  seria una inversión un tanto mayor, pero la podría afrontar, igual lo ven como algo rentable? o las Nvidia son muy malas para Ethereum?

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