Lets get the meme machine rolling

Oh I got you. That meme wasn’t to clear about your point. I love BAT too. Universal basic income is the farthest thing from free market that you can get.

I actually agree with the concept and it would be amazing


If everyone in the world could have income it would’ve already been done but the problem is us hard working people would pay for that income and it would be a disaster. It would make so many people lazy and just destroy what we are taught growing up. “Work hard for what you want and anything is possible”

If we had universal basic income every country’s tax would be raised but like everything else the US would pick up most of the tab on that and we as citizens of the US would end up paying minimum 50%+ tax.

If it wasn’t for the free market, we wouldn’t be able to trade crypto.

Thank god the govt is controlled by (small govt) republicans because if we had (big govt) democrats controlling the govt, crypto would’ve already been banned.

Just look at Kieth Ellison, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Watters and Elizabeth Warren…..My God! If they controlled the govt, crypto would be LONGGG gone. They already attack “Big Banks” and want oversight on everything but you shitting and sleeping. Just look at the news for 5 minutes and you will see. Crypto is no different than a “Big Bank”. Actually if you look at it that way it’s worse because there is no bailouts and no way to track anything because it’s decentralized. People could lose money and the market could crash with no accountability. I love that part of crypto but I’m sure democrats hate it.

Believe it or not I am a centrist, Republican small government policies I agree with but Democrat human rights and immigration policies I agree with. I am a Trump-lican-ocrat. I support no party really just Trump and if it wasn’t for him I would’ve never voted in my life.

Make sense?

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