List of Cryptocurrency Sportsbooks

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There is so much fragmentation in the Bitcoin space.

I want a subreddit that has all the Bitcoin news. In one place. Uncensored. From everywhere.

This subreddit gathers news every 15 seconds from every relevant Bitcoin subreddit and also from Bitcoin websites.(09-20-2015)

In addition, if Bitcoin is mentioned in any non-crypto subreddit, that comment will be linked from here.(10-24-2015)

Less noise. More news.

News gathered from the following subreddits/websites:

































    /r/WeAreBitcoin (09-20-2015) (09-20-2015) !!REMOVED due to lack of real content coming from this website + massive amounts of scams/spam – 12-05-2015 (09-20-2015)

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