Regalcoin – X11 Decentralized Cryptocurrency

wow 129.000 Coin was released in the ICO Program. This ICO unique, Because when we buy ICO we get COIN with 6 Confirmation send from pre mining. This is good Coin. And I Think with this Lending may be great and go to 100 USD when reached 6 Month untill this ICO. Now 0.85 USD percoin, and 6 month after it go to 100 USD because Lending and Supply Just 27 Million coin that we get from mining with small POS 3 % Yearly and POW Just for 220.000 Block or 11.000.000 Coin. ICO is Premined so 5.000.000 Coin and POW just 6.000.000 Coin and all coin is 15.000.000 coin is Minting with 3% Yearly.
When Supply in Market after ICO just 5.000.000 so Minting Just 150.000 just 150.000 Yearly. When Supply in market in just 5.000.000 Coin and we assumed people lending Just 20 % from 5.000.000 Coin so After ICO Price will go to 10 USD just in one Month.

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